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Runaway Boat Trailer Causes Collision

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Runaway Boat Trailer Causes Collision

OWINGS - 11/16/2009

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By Dennis Hook

At approximately 8 p.m., on Sunday, Nov. 15, the Huntingtown Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad first received a call for a house fire in the area of Lower Marlboro and Huntingtown Road.

Shortly after that call, an ambulance was dispatched for a medical emergency nearby. Approximately five minutes after that call, there was a third call for an auto accident at Route 2 and Pushaw Station Road.

Upon arrival on the accident scene, it was discovered the accident involved a boat and Honda pickup truck. The boat trailer broke away from the vehicle towing the boat. The boat entered the pathway of the oncoming Honda pickup resulting in a collision.

One person from the Honda pickup was transported to Calvert Memorial Hospital. No word on the condition of the patient at this time.

The police are still investigating how the trailer hauling the boat separated from the truck; the hitch was still attached to the truck.

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