Thursday, November 4, 2010

Horses Tossed From Trailer Onto Route 7

Thursday November 4, 2010

Horses Tossed From Trailer Onto Route 7

A trailer overturned in Jefferson County and tossed two horses onto State Route 7 near the Pottery Addition entrance ramp, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

The vehicle was traveling south when the trailer that was hauling the horses became unhitched, according to OSHP.The owners called a veterinarian Dr. Eric Bruns, who also responded to the scene to treat the animals.Bruns said he sedated the animals and treated them for abrasions.

"I had to clean one of them. He had a tree branch stuck into him, but they're animals, they'll both be all right. I'm pretty sure," said Bruns.

Troopers said the situation could have turned out worse."They were lucky that they landed on the ramp here. There's not a lot of traffic on this ramp, " said Sgt. Jeff Bernard.Troopers said they are trying to determine how the trailer became unhitched.

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Al said...

Most likely no or inadequate safety chains.
Both straight-pull and gooseneck hitches require substantial safety chains as they use ball hitches.
The ball hitch is a poor design. Unfortunately there are many millions of them worldwide, so we are stuck with them.
A lunette ring-and-pintle hook hitch, as used on military vehicles and on multiple-trailer commercial freight trailers, is far stronger and much more positive. If properly sized they are not the weak point in the combination (tow vehicle and trailer rig). They are no more difficult to hitch and unhitch than a ball hitch.
Combination ball and pintle hook hitches are available. The pintle hook incorporates a hitch ball. With this type of hitch, conventional ball hitch trailers can be towed by leaving the hook latch open.