Friday, March 26, 2010

Man guilty of animal cruelty...Tied Horse To Trailer

Man guilty of animal cruelty

LEXINGTON — A Kearney man has been found guilty of felony animal cruelty after police say he dragged a horse behind his trailer last summer.

Tyler Brockman, 22, pleaded no contest Friday in Dawson County District Court to one count of felony cruelty to an animal resulting in injury or death.

Judge James Doyle ordered Brockman to undergo a presentence investigation to be conducted by the state probation department.

Sentencing will be in May. Brockman faces up to five years in prison.

Brockman had participated in the annual July 4 rodeo at Sumner. Court records said after the rodeo, he went to the bar and drank what he later told a counselor was five to six beers before leaving.

Before entering the bar, Brockman had tied a horse to the back of his stock trailer. After leaving the bar, Brockman left in the pickup and drove through Sumner with the horse still tied to the back of the trailer.

Brockman dragged the horse for about a mile before a person stopped him just east of Sumner. The horse was put into the trailer, and Brockman left the area.

Brockman was stopped later that evening in Buffalo County and arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. The horse was found dead July 6 on a farm north of Funk in Phelps County. — World-Herald News Service

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