Tuesday, February 9, 2010

RVing 201, safety in towing vehicles, horsetrailer breaks loose from RV, horse killed, Sun City, AZ


RVing 201, safety in towing vehicles, horsetrailer breaks loose from RV, horse killed, Sun City, AZ

We RVers are obligated and responsible for doing everything within our ability to make certain that our towed vehicles are securely attached to our RVs. Further, the tires on the Toad, brakes, and other mechanical parts should be in good, safe condition to prevent an accident with the Toad that may endanger the life of the RV occupants or others.

In an unusual accident near Phoenix today, Feb. 5, 2010, a horse trailer came loose from the RV and apparently rolled across the road and overturned alongside the highway. Based on the video and brief report posted online the trailer appeared to be a 3 horse slant and was carrying 3 horses and tack. One of the horses was reportedly killed and the other two were injured. Fortunately, no other vehicles were involved in this accident. I STAND CORRECTED! THIS IS NOT AN UNUSUAL TYPE OF ACCIDENT! THANKS TO A COMMENT BY A READER, PLEASE BE ALERTED TO THE WEBSITE: www.dangeroustrailers.org Based on information provided by this website more than 15,000 people have been killed and more than 400,000 injured during the past 40 years due to loose trailer accidents on our nation's highways.

Whereas it is very unusual for a vehicle to detach from an RV when properly secured, it is not impossible. I have personally seen 2 tow dolly accidents along the highway, have seen ball hitches that have loosened and the ball has come out of the hitch, broken trailer tongues and similar accidents. Further, it is not uncommon when pins, bolts, hitch clamps and other tow devices have not been properly secured before being towed along the highway.

This short note is simply a call for RVers to be extra careful while towing trailers loaded with animals, ATVs, boats, household goods, cars, trucks, and any other item that can disconnect and cause harm to individuals or other vehicles. Too often, very little attention is given to the weight of the trailer, the distribution of the weight, the condition of tires, holddown straps and to poorly secured equipment and materials in the trailer.

However, this plea is not limited to RVers, but also to pickup trucks, cars, vans, SUVs and any other towing vehicle. While driving along the interstate systems in the southwest, especially on weekends and in hunting season, it seems that 20 to 40% of pickup trucks are towing a trailer loaded with ATVs, sandrails, etc.

Let us all be more careful, beginning right now!

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